Give me your photograph and I will turn

it into a work of art.  I can create Pop Art, wacky postcards, business cards,

informal invitations; plus I can make photographs look like drawings, as well), along with many other beautiful and fascinating graphic techniques, including poster-sized photoboards

for your special events.

As an award-winning film editor, I am now creating videos and montages that combine original video interviews and/or sketches,

along with beautiful, high-quality still photograph sequences that help to tell a story about the person featured in your video.

Also, let me help you modernize your photo collection.  Make your old photographs new again and make them  easier to share.  Turn good photos into classics, or even into masterpieces!

Old photographs and slides can be saved and brought back to life as well. Faded pictures can have bright colors restored, scratches and dirt reduced or even eliminated, while others can be saved and archived for storage, or for making new prints. Hard copy prints, 35mm negatives and slides scanned to disc. Click on the links up top to see what I can do for you!

Turn your favorite people into works of art