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Tell Me Your Story

Storytelling is my specialty. I shoot & edit personal and business-related productions for all kinds of meetings, events and specialized venues. Each little movie is professionally produced and unique, bringing to life whatever message or story you want told. My career as an editor/film-maker for advertising, corporate communications, charitable fundraising and special events has netted me over 30 awards, including a pair in 2018.


Capture the Moment

A sharp eye, a sense of the big moment and impeccable timing are all factors in capturing the kind of "Kodak Moments" that you'd expect from a creative photographer. Go to either or both of my photography pages, take a look at the variety of images that I have captured and you'll know what I bring to the party.


Design and Layout Solutions, Photo Restoration and Enhancement

My art work and designs have been used for posters, print ads, fliers, invitations, T-shirts, postcards, banners, logos, newspaper illustrations and more. I also restore old photos that have faded or are damaged with creases, scratches and dirt. I can reduce facial wrinkles, zits or even eliminate Uncle Cosmo from your otherwise perfect family photo.

Let's get together and talk about your special project and I'll help create something magical for you!

Recent Work

"Driven To Distraction" Winner of the 2018 Communicator Award of Distinction

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Tell me a little bit about what you're looking for: elegant and beautiful photographs, an amazing short film that tells a unique story, or a cool design for a poster, flier, greeting card, or even a T-shirt. Whatever it is, I'll turn your plans into a memorable and professionally crafted work of art. 

Paul Sundick Creative Services

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